Questions About Low Interest Loans

A call or visit to a dealer should help clarify details about low interest loans. Consider asking these questions:

  • Will I be charged a higher price for the car to qualify for the low-rate financing? Would the price be lower if I paid cash, or supplied my own financing from my bank or credit union?
  • Does the financing require a larger-than-usual down payment? Perhaps 25 or 30 percent?
  • Are there limits on the length of the loan? Will I be required to repay the loan in a condensed period of time, say 24 or 36 months?
  • Is there a significant balloon payment —possibly several thousand dollars — due at the end of the loan?
  • Do I have to buy special or extra merchandise or services such as rust-proofing, an extended warranty, or a service contract to qualify for a low-interest loan?
  • Is the financing available for a limited time only? Some merchants limit special deals to a few days or require that you take delivery by a certain date.
  • Does the low rate apply to all cars in stock or only to certain models?
  • Will I be required to give the dealer the manufacturer’s rebate or pay a participation fee to qualify for financing?